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Body Flex Ellipticals Review

Overall Brand Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Model (click on link for review)  Rating  Lowest Price Online
Body Flex Electro Magnetic Elliptical Rider      $
Body Flex (Body Champ) BRM 3671 Dual Trainer      $219.98
Body Flex BRM3600 Magnetic Cardio Dual Trainer      $199.99
Body Flex BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer with Seat      $139.98
Body Flex (Body Rider) BRD1830 Fan Elliptical Trainer     $169.99
Body Flex BR2500 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer      $199.98
Body Flex (Body Champ) BRM6110 Magnetic Cardio Dual Trainer      $598.49
Body Flex 2700 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer     $
Body Flex 1201 Marcy Elliptical Trainer      $
Body Flex BG2000 Ski Skate Machine     $
Body Flex (Body Champ) BRM2600 Magnetic Cardio Dual Trainer     $509.99
Body Flex BRM6200 Deluxe Dual Trainer with Seat     $

Body Flex, Inc. is part of BH Group, a company founded in 2003 and headquartered in California. The Body Flex brand specializes in budget fitness equipment and includes several elliptical trainers in the sub-$1000 category. To keep costs low, the machines are very basic and are manufactured in China.

The brand’s cheapest elliptical – the Body Flex Deluxe Dual Trainer — is both a bicycle and an elliptical trainer. The Magnetic Cardio Dual Trainer is a similar machine with added durability and an MP4 player. A top option for under $1000 is the Body Flex BG2000 Ski Skate Machine.

Qualities of BodyFlex Elliptical Trainers

  • Basic – Body Flex emphasizes low cost and generally doesn’t dress up their machines with entertaining extras, although the Magnetic Cardio has an MP4 player. These machines also have simple consoles.
  • Versatility – The bicycle/elliptical combinations are ideal for smaller home gyms.
  • Various strides – Body Flex fitness machines test a variety of muscle groups. The Dual Trainers can be used to target the glutes, quads, and calves in particular. Meanwhile, the Ski Skate machine can be set to several positions such as speed skating mode, which emphasizes quads, glutes, and hamstrings, or the wide foot position, which focuses on the outer thighs.
  • Preset programs – The Body Flex Deluxe Dual Trainer includes 12 preset programs and the Magnetic Cardio Dual Trainer has preset 21 programs. Data readouts include heart rate, distance, speed, time, and RPM.
  • Heart rate monitors – Body Flex machines have grip heart rate monitors that interact with heart rate workouts.
  • Short warranties – Extended Body Flex service contracts are available in all US states except Maine.

Overall Rating for Body Flex Elliptical Trainers

Body Flex products are not widely distributed and it’s rare to find an online customer review. It’s hard to imagine that these sub-$1000 machines, made in China, would hold up for more than a year or so – especially given their short warranties. Also, the company fails to advertise key features such as pedal cushioning, flywheels, and stride lengths. Not a good sign! That said, the Body Flex ski skate machine is appealing for its unique strides. With an extended service plan, it could be worth a gamble.

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