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Smooth Fitness CE 3.2 Elliptical Review

Elliptical Rating: ★★½☆☆

The Smooth CE 3.2, an upgrade to the 2.1, is promoted as a commercial-quality elliptical trainer for home use. The “commercial-quality” claim seems exaggerated. The CE 3.2 does provide a reasonably smooth and comfortable ride, but customers report that funny noises kick in after a few months and at higher resistance levels. The 3.2 isn’t bad, but other Smooth models such as the CE 3.7 and 7.4 offer better value.

Elliptical Hits of the CE 3.2 Elliptical

  • Pivoting pedals – Rotating pedals support natural movement and thus a healthier stride.
  • Longer stride – Compared with the CE 2.1, the CE 3.2 has a longer stride.
  • Heavy drive – Smooth Fitness ellipticals have above-average flywheels for their class.
  • Moving handlebars – Upper-body exercise adds to calorie burn and enhances the cardiovascular workout.
  • Wireless heart rate control – Wireless telemetry can be used in conjunction with heart rate exercise programs.
  • Good warranty – Customers get a lifetime warranty on the frame and brake, two years on other parts, and a year of labor. That’s a pretty good deal when the machine is on sale.

Elliptical Misses of the Smooth CE 3.2

  • Squeaks and grinds – Some users have reported noisy pedals and arm bars. These can usually be fixed with lubrication, but some people would rather pay more up front than work to oil their workout equipment.
  • 18” stride – This is an improvement over earlier models but may be too short for people above 5’4”. The 3.7 and 7.4 have longer adjustable strides.

Overall Rating for the Smooth Fitness CE 3.2 Elliptical

Smooth touts its CE 3.2 as a commercial-quality elliptical, but it has some mechanical faults – plus fewer features than the recommended Smooth CE 3.7 and 7.4.

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